The Bishop:

The Bishop of the B3 is the facilitator of all the local Abbeys. The Bishop does not facilitate local rules unless asked by the local Abbey. Each Abbey runs itself. The Bishop helps facilitate the Yahoo Group/web site and helps organize events periodically for the entire B3. These events include large meetings or trainings during SCA events or B3 events. The Bishop will always pick his predecessor. The Bishop is required to wear clergy garb during B3 events. (Private meetings and brew dates done in public do not require garb).


The Abbot of the local group helps organize meetings and is the deciding vote on whether an Acolyte becomes a brother/sister member or not. The Abbot facilitates meetings and helps set up members for local events to teach or judge. These meetings can be brewing sessions. These meetings should be promoted through the B3 site or yahoo group. The Abbot will promote his/her own people by utilizing the rules set forth by the B3. Each local group will vote for their own Abbot by active Acolytes or higher. The Abbot helps communicate and set up brew dates as well. The Abbot is responsible to keep in contact with the B3 at large and is expected to attend larger B3 events as much as possible. The Abbott is an elected position voted on by members of the local group. The Abbot should be an active member of the local group and should have adequate knowledge of the brewing arts. The Abbot is also expected to wear clergy garb during B3 events or when representing the B3. (Private meetings and brew dates done in public do not require garb).

The Populace Rank Structure:

Although the B3 doesn’t have a regular guild like rank structure, it is important to show level of competency within the order. These ranks will be separated by a few levels as follows:


The Petitioner is someone who is interested in brewing. They make a petition to want to be a part of the Order. They start to attend meetings and/or brew sessions. The Petitioner is required to request to enter the order and need to receive recommendation from a Brotherhood/Sisterhood member or higher. Petitioners have no rights or privilege and are not consider full members of the order. They have no vote as a member on the floor.

(Petitioners have no favor, rank or emblem)


The Acolyte is considered a full member of the B3. They are not considered full brewers but have had some experience brewing. Acolytes have attended brew sessions, have aided the brewer during the brewing process and have attempted at least one batch where they lead the process.

(Acolytes may wear the favor of the B3)


The Brotherhood/Sisterhood member is considered a competent brewer. They have brewed multiple times and have shown their knowledge in brewing. Their potables have been tried by other brotherhood members and accepted as good representations of their respected beverage. Brotherhood/sisterhood members can be addressed by using the term brother or sister in front of their name.

(Brotherhood/Sisterhood members will receive a Frock from the order. These Frocks should be worn at official B3 events as well as SCA event meetings.)


Father/Mother members of the order have shown their competency in brewing over time. They have taught others how to brew and may or may not have Acolyte members under their wing. Candidates for the Mother/Father title have judged at competitions and taught others to brew within the order itself as well as SCA events. A Father/Mother Candidate is an active member of the B3 and contributes to the good of the order.

(Father/Mother members wear the frock as well as the Over Frock of the rank with title given as Father/Mother before their respected names.)

Other Info:

Please note that the B3 is not an official Guild/entity of the SCA. It runs more like a household and therefore is not recognized by the SCA. All ranks within the B3 are valid only inside the organization of the B3. Private classes and brew dates can be done unofficially outside of the SCA. Teaching classes can happen with the approval from the autocrat of official SCA events and is governed by their rules and desires.

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