The Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Baronial Brewers


The B3 was created to honor those who brew often, bring brewers together as a knowledge base and to promote brewing in their respected localities. The B3 can brew for their local populace as well as teach others to brew and be made available to judge competitions. The B3 can brew for local baronies as well as the Kingdom of the East if called upon and within reason.

Why not a brewers guild?

Brewer’s guilds are a welcome edition to the SCA by promoting the arts and sciences, but Guilds usually judge their members by rank and require members to come from all around for their meetings. The B3 will support local entities by utilizing smaller groups and encourage local meetings to support brewing in their local areas. The B3 will have at least one meeting a year but it is not required to be in the group. These meetings are to help brewers learn new skills and time to brew together for training purposes as well as fellowship.

About B3:

B3 was created to help foster brewing in the East Kingdom. B3 will incorporate brewing science with the face of the medieval church (without the religion). Medieval monks and clergy often made wine and beer to help pay for the life of their churches, monasteries and local communities. B3 will help educate their localities and promote brewing within the kingdom. This includes brewing for locals and local entities, Judging competitions, and conducting classes at local events.

Each local group (Abbey) will conduct its own meetings and brewing schedules and will let the B3 at large know of its activities. This will be done by reporting events on the Yahoo Groups site and can be reported to the B3 leadership to be added to other communication sources.